Add an AUX or USB input to your vehicle’s original factory radio:

  • Seamless Integration. Our OEM-quality kits link to your factory radio without a hitch.
  • USB Device Works With iOS or Mass Storage Devices. Plug in any iPod/iPhone or mass media device – flash drive, portable hard drive, etc. – and play it through your factory radio.
  • AUX Device Works With Any Audio Source. Plug it in through a phone jack adapter and listen to your audio directly through the factory radio.
  • Keep Your Factory Components. Upgrade your vehicle’s audio while keeping your factory components and warranty intact.

Looking to stream music directly to your factory radio? Get a VAIS AUX or USB adapter today.

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  • MML-T1

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  • SL3u-L

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  • MML-L1

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  • iVIC-5DR


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  • iVIC-5i


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  • iVIC-6DR


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  • SL3u-T

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  • iVIC-6i


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