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25% of new cars don't have satellite radio

More than 4 million cars are sold each year WITHOUT satellite radio.

With 30 million SiriusXM® subscribers in the US – and 25% of new cars being sold without a satellite radio tuner – there’s a strong market SiriusXM® integration.

While an aftermarket head unit will work for some of these subscribers, many of them will want to keep their factory head unit and add-on SiriusXM®.

At VAIS, we have developed SiriusXM® satellite radio adapters that integrate seamlessly with the factory stereo. With a kit from VAIS, your customers can have SiriusXM® that feels like factory.

Why Become A VAIS Dealer?

In addition to offering the best SiriusXM® satellite radio adapter option on the market, VAIS dealers also enjoy:

  1. An upgraded 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on dealer-installed products
  2. Aggressive wholesale pricing on VAIS products
  3. Access to the GSR-UV01 Universal Satellite Kit, which allows dealers to carry one product that fits thousands of different vehicles

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Our dealer application process is simple.  First, fill out the dealer application form.

Then, once we receive your application, we’ll be in touch with info about our wholesale pricing, the product installation process, and explain how retailers, installers, and expediters are leveraging our GSR-UO1 universal satellite radio adapter kits to maximize sales.

Click here to get started – filling out our application takes just 2 minutes.

About VAIS Technology

Since 2003, VAIS Technology has manufactured OEM quality automotive accessories that provide seamless solutions to common problems. All our products are engineered in the USA, with a comprehensive warranty that we upgrade for our dealers who complete an installation.

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