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Toyota and Lexus DVD Bypass Options

Have you ever wondered why your Toyota or Lexus can’t play DVDs while in motion? It’s not broken; it’s just because your car has safeguards in place to keep the DVD player off when the car is moving. These safeguards are meant to prevent the driver from being distracted by the screen while on the road.

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How To Add Bluetooth To A Factory Radio

Having Bluetooth Music streaming added to your factory radio means being able to sync up your smartphone, MP3 player, or another portable Bluetooth capable device with your radio without cluttering up your dashboard with wires or mounts.

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5 SiriusXM Shows You Can’t Miss

Long gone are the days when people would subscribe to SiriusXM just to listen to Howard Stern.

Of course, Mr. Stern’s show remains popular as ever, but it no longer dominates the satellite radio market. Nowadays, SiriusXM’s 30.6 million subscribers tune in to listen to a wide array of shows.

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New Car With No Satellite Radio and No AUX Input? Here’s How You Fix It

Believe it or not, many auto manufacturers choose to outfit their new cars without modern options like satellite radio or AUX inputs. If you’re among the unlucky few stuck without high-quality radio or streaming capabilities, there’s hope! Companies like VAIS Technology are focused on providing these amenities to the masses, and we’re here to help upgrade your vehicle’s audio system.

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