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How to Avoid Theft in Fleet and Delivery Vehicles

Introduction As a delivery driver, have you ever dealt with theft? Do you take steps to protect yourself and your cargo from potential robbers? You are responsible for getting a truck full of products that vary in value to their destinations all day long. Unfortunately, this means your truck is a good target for theft. […]

What Car Models Offer Walk-Away Locks?

You’ve got a lot on your mind: your days are busy, you’ve got errands to run, kids to drop off at school, and you’ve got to get to work on time. All the while you have to think about what you’re making for dinner tonight that will still leave you time to help the kids […]

SEER: Starter Interrupt as a Security Feature

Not all keyless entry systems are equal. In fact, many have different features that make them stand out. For the SEER system from VAIS Technology, one of those features is starter interrupt. Let’s walk through what this feature does, and why it’s important. What is SEER and Starter Interrupt? SEER is a keyless entry car […]

How to Prevent Theft with Keyless Car Entry

Do you worry about your car being stolen? Do you ever fear for your safety in the parking lot at night? There may be a solution you haven’t thought of—keyless car entry. From ensuring that your locks can’t be picked to getting you into your car as quickly as possible, there are plenty of security […]

Vehicle Security Systems – A Buying Guide

Vehicle security systems are a popular and important after-market upgrade. Even if a vehicle comes with a factory-installed alarm, it is usually not very effective. Aftermarket vehicle locking system, proximity control and audible alarms are important additions that can enhance the safety of any car. Whether you are in charge of a company fleet, have […]

Three Ways to Hook Up a SiriusXM Satellite Radio in Your Car

Enjoying music or a great talk radio show is one of the best ways to pass the time on your commute to work, but not every car comes with SiriusXM satellite radio. However, you can easily grab yourself a SiriusXM satellite radio adapter that can plug right into your factory standard radio. The following are […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying SiriusXM Adapters Online

SiriusXM is one of the most popular channels out there, featuring the widest selection of music, podcasts, sports, exclusive talk shows, and nonstop comedy channels. You can either listen on the app or in the car. Certain vehicles come with a SiriusXM tuner built-in while many vehicle owners are left unlucky in this category. But […]

What Are My SiriusXM Satellite Radio Options?

Satellite radio like SiriusXM is available in a variety of forms. You can access SiriusXM through an app on your phone, by using a radio, or even through your car stereo. Some cars now come automatically equipped with SiriusXM. Many cars, however, still are not capable of playing SiriusXM and require an adapter. If you’re […]

Five Ways to Secure a Car with Keyless Entry

Introduction Securing a car that uses keyless entry is a lot easier than you originally thought. Let’s start with the basics; keyless entry systems for cars can work in many different ways. This includes access via a remote, sensor, or code. For example, the driver’s side of a car might have a number code you […]

Manual vs Automatic Car Locks: Pros and Cons of Each Type

There’s nothing like the freedom of having our own wheels. The power to drive brings the opportunity to go anywhere we want, whenever we want. Our vehicles are also often an expression of ourselves. From the coveted classic to the latest model of our favorite brand, our vehicle is an extension of everything we value. […]

Remote Activation On A Chevrolet Silverado (SEER In Action)

The Chevy Silverado is a great truck that offers so many useful features. Yet, it lacks an important feature that will make your life so much easier: automation. It doesn’t automatically lock or unlock your vehicle based on your proximity, for example. The good news is you can automate your Silverado. You can make it […]

Installing SEER On A 1969 Chevelle

SEER is a modern solution that won the 2020 SEMA Best Mobile Electronics Product award. It’s so contemporary that some people believe it’s not compatible with older cars. The truth is you can install SEER on any car. That includes cars old enough to be classic cars. To demonstrate how easy it is to integrate […]