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Remote Activation On A Chevrolet Silverado (SEER In Action)

The Chevy Silverado is a great truck that offers so many useful features. Yet, it lacks an important feature that will make your life so much easier: automation. It doesn’t automatically lock or unlock your vehicle based on your proximity, for example. The good news is you can automate your Silverado. You can make it […]

Installing SEER On A 1969 Chevelle

SEER is a modern solution that won the 2020 SEMA Best Mobile Electronics Product award. It’s so contemporary that some people believe it’s not compatible with older cars. The truth is you can install SEER on any car. That includes cars old enough to be classic cars. To demonstrate how easy it is to integrate […]

Why Are Vehicles With Keyless Entry Easier To Steal?

Keyless entry systems are a great innovation. Yet, they’re not perfect. The technology in keyless entry systems actually makes it easier than ever to steal a car. Back in the old days, you needed to either obtain a key or be able to access a vehicle and hotwire it if you wanted to steal a […]

Why Isn’t My Keyless Entry Working?

The keyless entry system is a great luxury many car owners enjoy these days. Yet, it has some issues. Many factory keyless entry systems have problems with: Limited range Intermittent response Unexpected behavior Are you experiencing issues with your keyless entry system? We can help you navigate this frustrating situation. The First Thing You Need […]

Satellite Radio Antenna Options For Harley Riders

Only a few things make riding a Harley even more enjoyable. Satellite radio is one of them. What’s better than listening to your favorite SiriusXM shows while cruising on your bike? It sure makes riding on long stretches of roads more fun. There are several different ways to enhance your riding experience with satellite radio. […]

3 Ways You Can Add Automatic Steps To Your Truck

Automatic steps are one of the most luxurious and useful features you could have on your truck. If your truck doesn’t already come with automatic steps, you can add them. Here are three different ways to do it: 1. Install A Set Of Automatic Running Boards And Then Wire Them To Your Doors There are […]

3 Ways You Can Add An Automatic Cargo Light To Your Truck

Truck cargo lights are one of those incredible features that you can’t imagine life without once you use them. A truck bed cargo light illuminates the truck bed, which comes in quite useful when it’s dark outside. If your truck doesn’t have a cargo light built in, or it’s not bright enough, we have good […]

3 Ways To Add Automatic Locks To Your Truck’s Toolbox

Your truck’s toolbox may be among the most valuable parts of the truck. It’s especially true when it contains many expensive tools. Yet, it can be quite easy to forget to lock your toolbox every time you leave the truck. It can also be a hassle to walk up to the toolbox every time you […]

VAIS Satellite Radio Install Tips And Tricks

There are two ways to install a VAIS satellite radio kit on your vehicle: Have a dealer install the kit on your vehicle Install the kit yourself If you have the right tools and some electrical experience, you can handle the installation process yourself. Most of our kits are pretty much plug and play installations. […]

The Security Benefits Of SEER

Have you heard of SEER? It’s a new advanced keyless proximity system for vehicles. In fact, it’s much more than a keyless entry kit. It has many more features and benefits than a standard keyless entry system. A big factor that puts SEER above all other keyless entry systems is the security it offers. SEER […]