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The Security Benefits Of SEER

Have you heard of SEER? It’s a new advanced keyless proximity system for vehicles. In fact, it’s much more than a keyless entry kit. It has many more features and benefits than a standard keyless entry system. A big factor that puts SEER above all other keyless entry systems is the security it offers. SEER […]

SEER IS An Advanced Keyless System

When you’re in the market for a keyless entry system, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many different keyless entry systems to choose from. Some are better than others. A few, however, are the cream of the crop. The best way to end up with the best keyless entry system on the market […]

How Does SEER Work?

We’re excited to announce that we came out with a cutting-edge system that adds some great features to your car. The system is called SEER. It stands for Smart Entry Exit Recognition. What Is SEER? SEER is an innovative system that includes: An electronic controller 2 key tags for your keychains With SEER installed on […]

3 Cool Aftermarket Upgrades for Your New Honda’s Interior

Did you buy a new (or new-to-you) Honda? Are you looking to make it truly yours? Or do you just want to breathe some life into your older Honda Civic or CR-V? Either way, improve your driving experience with a few affordable upgrades! We’ll focus on ways to upgrade your car’s interior. Even a small upgrade […]

3 Cool Aftermarket Upgrades For Your New Chevy’s Interior

So you got a new Chevy. Congratulations! Now it’s time to make it truly yours. A good way to start personalizing your car would be to upgrade your Chevy’s interior. There are so many upgrades you can do to make your car’s interior more comfortable for you. Like most people, you may not be able […]

Top 10 Road Trip Necessities

It’s road trip season, and that means it’s time to ready the family driver for summer reunions and vacations. You remembered to check the oil and washer fluid, but did you remember all the little things for you and your passengers that will help make the long hours fly by? Our new graphic should help. […]

Take The Quiz: What Can Dealers Add-On To Your New Car?

When you buy a new or used vehicle from a dealership, you’ll receive offers to upgrade your vehicle with features like window tinting, enhanced audio and fabric protection. Did you know dealerships can do a whole lot more than the basic upgrades they offer during the sales process? Many people don’t know about all the […]

The Pros And Cons Of SiriusXM FM Extenders

If you’re having difficulties with the FM transmitter integrated into your SiriusXM tuner, you might be thinking about installing an FM extender. An FM extender is a broadcast antenna on the end of a wire that plugs into your tuner. A long wire allows you to place the broadcast antenna close to the FM receiving […]

Toyota And Lexus DVD Bypass Options

Have you ever wondered why your Toyota or Lexus can’t play DVDs while in motion? It’s not broken; it’s just because your car has safeguards in place to keep the DVD player off when the car is moving. These safeguards are meant to prevent the driver from being distracted by the screen while on the road.

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