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SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Options For Honda

Whether you own a Honda vehicle or you’re in the market for one, you might be wondering what your SiriusXM® satellite radio options are. Do you have to buy a Honda vehicle with SiriusXM® built-in, or can you buy one without SiriusXM® and then install an aftermarket product in it? This guide has all the […]

A Guide To Getting SiriusXM® Satellite Radio In Your Ford

Are you a SiriusXM® satellite radio fan and a current or soon-to-be Ford owner? This guide is for you. Below are three frequently asked questions about enjoying SiriusXM® in a Ford. 1. Does Ford Offer SiriusXM® Satellite Radio On All Models? Even though Ford is rolling out more and more models with SiriusXM® (including the […]

SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Options For Chevrolet Vehicles

SiriusXM® satellite radio is one of the most common features people look for while shopping for a car. Are you in the market for a new or new-to-you Chevrolet? If you would like to enjoy SiriusXM® satellite radio on the road, this guide has all the answers you need. Below are three of the most common […]

SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Options For Toyota

Many car owners consider SiriusXM® satellite radio an important factor to consider while shopping for a new car. If you’re in the market for a new or used Toyota, you might have some questions about enjoying SiriusXM® satellite radio on the road. We’ve answered the three most common questions new and potential Toyota owners have […]

Why An Integrated Satellite Radio System Is The Safest Option

Distracted driving is dangerous. Using a phone in your car for entertainment makes incoming texts and phone calls easy interruptions for drivers. Why not put the phone away for the commute and enjoy some SiriusXM programs instead? First, consider your options for adding SiriusXM to your vehicle. When you’re hooking up a SiriusXM satellite radio in […]

4 Things SiriusXM® And Netflix Have In Common

SiriusXM® satellite radio and Netflix are two of the most popular subscription-based services. Even though the services offer different types of entertainment, they share some qualities that made them successful. Here’s a list of 4 of those qualities. 1. Original Programming Netflix isn’t only a subscription service, but it’s also a production company. It produces […]

History Of The Car Stereo

To say that the car radio has come a long way would be a HUGE understatement. In-car entertainment is nothing like it was 80 years ago, and we don’t think anyone could have predicted just how far it has come. With every advancement – 8-track, aftermarket units, and satellite radio, just to name a few […]

5 Possible Reasons Behind Satellite Radio Signal Distortion

If you’re listening to your satellite radio and the signal becomes distorted, there are a few possible explanations. Let’s talk about each one and how to address it. 1. Signal Interruption It’s common to experience signal interruption while driving under a bridge, stopping your car under a big sign, or driving through a tunnel. When […]

3 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Factory Radio

Not happy with your factory radio? We have good news: you can make a few changes and enjoy your radio more. You can easily upgrade your existing factory radio. The most common issues car owners have with their factory stereos are: Low-quality sound Not enough bass No satellite radio There are easy ways to solve […]

3 Things To Consider Before Installing a SiriusXM FM Direct Adapter

Thinking about installing a SiriusXM tuner and an FM direct adapter in your car? It’s an inexpensive way to hook up satellite radio so you can enjoy it on the go. However, FM adapters are not the best solution. Here are three reasons why. Image Credit: Car and Driver 1. FM Adapter Kits Are Usually […]

5 Things To Try If Your Satellite Radio Keeps Cutting Out

Got issues with your SiriusXM radio cutting out? Let us come to the rescue! We’re going to cover the 5 most common satellite radio issues and then show you how to troubleshoot each one. 1. Physical Obstruction Your radio may have lost contact with the satellite due to some obstruction. You might have issues with […]

3 Ways To Hook Up A SiriusXM Satellite Radio In Your Car

Thinking about trading in your car for a SiriusXM-ready vehicle just so you can enjoy your favorite satellite radio stations on the road? You don’t need to! You can add a SiriusXM radio to your car for a tiny fraction of the price of a new car. There are three different ways to do that. […]