A Guide To Getting SiriusXM® Satellite Radio In Your Ford

Are you a SiriusXM® satellite radio fan and a current or soon-to-be Ford owner? This guide is for you. Below are three frequently asked questions about enjoying SiriusXM® in a Ford.

1. Does Ford Offer SiriusXM® Satellite Radio On All Models?

SiriusXM in Ford

Even though Ford is rolling out more and more models with SiriusXM® (including the F-150 and F-250), not all Ford models have it. It’s pretty easy for an automaker to add SiriusXM® to all of their models, so why doesn’t Ford do it? They have a good reason, actually:

It’s a marketing tactic. SiriusXM® is available on higher trim levels because Ford wants SiriusXM® satellite radio fans to splurge on their car purchase.

2. Is It Possible To Add SiriusXM® To My Ford?

If you either own a Ford without SiriusXM® or are interested in a Ford model without SiriusXM® satellite radio, we have good news for you: It’s possible to install an aftermarket product that enables you to enjoy your favorite subscription service in your car.

Install kit

To add SiriusXM® to your Ford, you have several options:

  1. Set up a stand-alone SiriusXM® unit
  2. Set up a SiriusXM® satellite radio receiver with an AUX adapter kit
  3. Install a VAIS SiriusXM® satellite radio adapter kit

Each option has its own pros and cons (for example, a stand-alone radio and a receiver create a whole lot of clutter on your dash). You can explore each option and its benefits or drawbacks here.

3. Can I Buy A Genuine OEM SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Adapter From Ford?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a genuine OEM Ford SiriusXM® adapter. It’s likely because Ford doesn’t want to encourage its customers to buy a basic model and then install SiriusXM® satellite radio in it. The ultimate goal of offering SiriusXM® on a limited number of Mustang, Transit, Eco Sport, Escape, etc. models is to upsell their customers to a more expensive trim. It doesn’t make sense for Ford to offer a more affordable solution.

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