SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Options For GMCs

SiriusXM® satellite radio is popular with many drivers and is considered an important feature for car shoppers. Whether you’re in the market for or own a new or new-to-you GMC vehicle, you might be wondering if you can enjoy satellite radio on the road.

To help you figure it out, we’ve answered the three most common questions new and potential GMC owners have about SiriusXM® satellite radio.

1. Does GMC Offer SiriusXM® Satellite Radio On All Models?


No, not all GMC models have satellite radio available. In most cases, satellite radio is only available on the highest trim level. If you’ve got a base model GMC Terrain, Sierra, or other GMC vehicle, you probably don’t have satellite radio capability.

2. Can I Add SiriusXM® Satellite Radio To My GMC If It’s Not Built-In?

Absolutely! There are three ways to add satellite radio to your GMC vehicle:

  1. Get a stand-alone satellite radio and then connect it to your car’s electrical system and FM modulator via some wires.
  2. Rig up a satellite radio receiver with an AUX adapter kit.
  3. Install a VAIS SiriusXM® satellite radio adapter kit

The first two options will clutter up the dash and can be complex to install and unsafe to use while driving. Installing a VAIS SiriusXM® satellite radio adapter kit is a much cleaner solution. It’s safer, too, since VAIS adapters work with your factory steering wheel controls. VAIS adapters install either behind the dash or plug into the USB port in your center console, armrest, or dash.

3. Does GMC Offer Genuine OEM Satellite Radio Adapters?

No, GMC doesn’t offer OEM satellite radio adapters. Most manufacturers don’t offer satellite radio tuners or adapters. They want to encourage car buyers to purchase the higher trim level that includes SiriusXM® satellite radio. If they offered OEM satellite radio adapters, it’s likely many customers would just buy the base trim and have the dealer add satellite radio to it.

If your GMC vehicle doesn’t have a SiriusXM® satellite radio tuner built-in, you will need to install an aftermarket adapter. VAIS SiriusXM® satellite radio kits are the best on the market for GMC vehicles because:

  • You can still use your factory controls to change satellite radio stations
  • Satellite radio’s high audio quality is preserved
  • There is no clutter on the dash

Finding a satellite radio adapter for your GMC is easy. Enter your vehicle details here to see products that fit your Terrain, Sierra, or other GMC vehicle.

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