SEER automatically locks doors, toolboxes, and more to prevent petty theft

Here’s How Service and Government Fleets Are Preventing Equipment Theft

The average fleet vehicle has several thousand dollars of tools and/or special equipment on board. Every year, billions of dollars of this equipment goes missing:

  • Workers must often leave vehicles unattended as they work
  • Workers forget to lock/secure vehicles when they step away
  • Thieves grab equipment, tools, parts, etc. from unlocked doors and compartments

With SEER, fleets can prevent the theft of tools and equipment with automatic locking. And without inconveniencing workers.

“SEER has been a game changer for my small fleet. I used to replace several hundred dollars worth of tools that ‘walked way’ every month. Now, my guys keep the SEER tag in their pocket with their keys, and I’m not buying new tools every week.”

– Karl C, AAA Electric

How SEER Works:

SEER fob

A small electronic tag is kept in the worker’s pocket.

SEER activates locks

When the worker walks away, automatic locks are triggered.

Petty thieves are stopped

Petty thieves can’t open doors or toolboxes.

SEER unlocks

When the worker returns to the vehicle, everything unlocks.