How To Add Bluetooth To A Factory Radio

Having Bluetooth music streaming added to your factory radio means being able to sync up your smartphone, MP3 player, or other portable Bluetooth capable device with your car radio without cluttering up your dashboard with wires or mounts.

With a Bluetooth adapter from VAIS Technology, you can use your factory radio or steering wheel controls to:

  • Stream music or podcasts from your device
  • Stream music from any third-party app

Many newer cars already come with Bluetooth built-in, but you can’t say the same about older cars. If you own an older Lexus or Toyota without Bluetooth music streaming, here’s how you add it to your vehicle.

Adding bluetooth to car

1. Find A Good Adapter

The quality of the adapter makes a world of difference in terms of sound quality and controlling your device via factory radio. You want to buy a well-built adapter with a warranty from a reputable company. A good adapter has an OEM fit and finish, and it’s easy to install and integrate with your phone or other devices. It also won’t interfere with the factory-installed Bluetooth hands-free system.

For example, our high-quality Bluetooth adapters (for Lexus, Toyota, and Scion models only) fit the bill. When shopping for an adapter, you can’t be too picky. Quality is everything!

2. Get The Right Tools

To install Bluetooth Music Streaming on your factory radio, you have to remove the radio. To do this, you need the right tools, such as:

  • Panel removal tool
  • Socket/ratchet set
  • Phillips screwdriver

3. Install The Adapter

Always follow the instructions the adapter came with, but here’s a basic overview of the process:

  • Remove and disconnect the factory radio
  • Connect the adapter to the back of the radio using the harnesses provided with the adapter
  • Follow direction for emulation programming using dip switches on the unit
  • Turn the car on and test the adapter before the final assembly
  • Put the factory radio back in

And…voila! You now have a factory radio that can stream music from your device.

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