3 Ways To Add Automatic Locks To Your Truck’s Toolbox

Your truck’s toolbox may be among the most valuable parts of the truck. It’s especially true when it contains many expensive tools. Yet, it can be quite easy to forget to lock your toolbox every time you leave the truck. It can also be a hassle to walk up to the toolbox every time you need to lock it, unlock it, or see if it’s locked.

Here’s some good news, though. It’s quite possible to add automatic locks to your toolbox!

There are several different ways to add an automatic locking feature to your toolbox. Some methods are better than others. Let’s take a look at three methods:

1. Add A Directly Wired Electric Lock To Your Toolbox

Wired lock
Image Credit: RangerForums

Install a 12 volt electric lock in your toolbox. Next, wire it directly to the same circuit as your vehicle’s door locks. That will enable you to lock and unlock your toolbox along with the door locks when you hit the buttons on your key fob. Amazon has wide variety of 12v electric locks available for $20 or less. The most difficult part of this solution is connecting the lock wiring to the proper circuit in the truck.

2. Add A Remote Controlled Electric Lock To The Toolbox

remote lock
Image Credit: HerToolBelt

This is the most “manual” method on this list. The way it works is:

  1. Buy an electric lock that comes with its own remote.
  2. Add the electric lock to the toolbox.
  3. Hook the electric lock up any readily available non-switched 12 volt power source.

You will have two remotes, but it will work. This option is easier to wire that the first solution, because you can simply connect it to the vehicle’s battery.

3. Add SEER To Your Truck

SEER features

This is perhaps the most streamlined solution on this list. SEER is an advanced keyless entry system that can automate a lot of things for you. All you need to do is to install an electronic controller in your vehicle and keep a SEER key tag on your keychain. With the system in place, your vehicle will activate or deactivate features based on your proximity. The features may include:

  • Interior and/or exterior lights
  • Door locks
  • Other electronic features within the vehicle

SEER can make all kinds of things automatic, too. We’re talking about:

  • Power running boards
  • Power tailgates
  • Cargo lights
  • Toolbox locks

With SEER installed on your vehicle, automating your toolbox locks couldn’t be easier. SEER takes solution #1 (above) and takes it to the next level. You don’t have to press any buttons. You would only need to keep the SEER tag in your pocket. The toolbox will unlock when you’re nearby and lock when you walk away. You, or your crew, can’t forget to lock the truck or its toolboxes. Easy, simple, bulletproof. You do of course need toolboxes that have electric locks. If your toolbox doesn’t have them, they are inexpensive and easy to install.

Another great thing about SEER is the fact that it’s much more secure than factory remotes. Many factory remotes can be cloned or hacked. That makes it easy for thieves to steal your tools. SEER can’t be cloned or hacked. It’s because SEER uses an advanced encryption technology that’s quite difficult to clone or hack.

Learn more about SEER today!

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