Installing SEER On A 1969 Chevelle

SEER is a modern solution that won the 2020 SEMA Best Mobile Electronics Product award. It’s so contemporary that some people believe it’s not compatible with older cars.

The truth is you can install SEER on any car. That includes cars old enough to be classic cars. To demonstrate how easy it is to integrate SEER in a 50+ year old vehicle, we installed it on a 1969 Chevelle. After the installation, we captured SEER in action on video. Check it out:

Jonathan starts by demonstrating the sophisticated proximity automation system on a 1969 Chevelle. All he does is walk up to the classic car. When Jonathan gets close enough, SEER automatically unlocks the car. A few moments later, Jonathan walks away and SEER automatically locks the car. It’s that simple!

The Safety And Security Features We Installed On The ’69 Chevelle

SEER install

Using SEER For Customization, we loaded up this car with custom features. We added these safety and security features:

  • Automatic locks: This feature locks or unlocks the car based on the key tag’s proximity to the vehicle.
  • Warn away alarm: Specialized for convertibles, the alarm senses when someone is leaning into the locked vehicle. It produces an audible chirp to “warn away” the intruder.
  • Ignition controlled locks: This gives the Chevelle a useful feature found on modern cars. It locks the car when the ignition is turned on. It also unlocks the car when the ignition is turned off.
  • Starter interrupt: As long as the key tag is outside of the SEER perimeter, a thief cannot start the ignition. The car will start only when the key tag within the perimeter. Jonathan demonstrates this feature by attempting to start the Chevelle with the factory key. The key tag is placed outside of the perimeter, so he is unable to start the car, even with the factory key.

We also installed a 120 decibel siren. It acts as a car alarm when someone attempts to open one of the doors.

Theft is a concern many classic car (especially convertible) owners have. With SEER installed on this classic car, it’s nearly impossible to break into this car, even with the top down. SEER not only automates the vehicle, but it also amps up the vehicle’s security. It’s a game changer for classic cars, which rarely come with any security features aside from door locks.

Unboxing SEER

SEER unboxing

Jonathan walks us through the process of unboxing SEER. When you order SEER, you’ll get a box with the following items:

  • Installation and owner’s manual
    • If you’d like to customize SEER, we have an online customization tool that helps you customize it however you’d like
  • User card that shows you how to replace the battery and who to contact for a new key tag if you need one
  • OE quality SEER Control Unit (SCU) that’s programmed to automate the vehicle based on the key tag’s proximity
  • Two antennas to be installed in the front and rear of the vehicle (the antennas are not visible when installed)
  • Two extension cords (8 ft and 20 ft) for the antennas
  • Antenna bracket to provide proper spacing when you mount the rear antenna
  • Antenna extension harness with resistors included
  • Power harness
  • Input and output harness that’s completely customizable
    • SEER has 8 inputs and 10 outputs; this harness separates SEER from any alarm system already installed on the vehicle
  • Programming button that helps you send SEER into various modes to pair additional remotes or update the programming
  • Programming confirmation LED that indicates that the programming button has been pressed
  • Two key tags

SEER comes with everything you need to automate your vehicle and add many security features to it. Please contact us if you have any questions about SEER.

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