Manual vs Automatic Car Locks: Pros and Cons of Each Type

There’s nothing like the freedom of having our own wheels. The power to drive brings the opportunity to go anywhere we want, whenever we want. Our vehicles are also often an expression of ourselves. From the coveted classic to the latest model of our favorite brand, our vehicle is an extension of everything we value. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we must protect what’s ours. When it comes to our vehicles, this includes our vehicle’s door locking system. But just because our car comes with a manual car door locking system, does that mean we must drive and deal with the extra work and worry that’s typically eliminated by automatic car door locks?

At VAIS Technology, we think not.

In fact, adapting the latest technology for the everyday car is what we love to do. Need an upgrade to a satellite radio or Bluetooth audio capabilities? We’ve got you covered. Today, what we’re excited to share with you is a little info about our vehicle enhancement products and services for better security that won’t alter your vehicle’s existing factory equipment.

Automatic Car Door Locks

When it comes to your vehicle’s locking system, we’re breaking down the difference between manual and automatic car door locks and offering our vehicle customization products and services to every driver who celebrates their freedom and self-expression through their car.

Manual car door locking systems: a thing of the past

The beauty of traditional manual door locking systems is that they are simple, uncomplicated, and easy to operate. In the event that you lock yourself out of your car, it can be an advantage that the lock is very easy to pick; however, the advantages of the manual locking system over automatic car door locks pretty much ends there. If you can easily get in should your keys be locked inside the vehicle, so can others—and they very likely have less than honourable intentions. This means anytime you leave possessions of any value in your vehicle, you’re left to worry every minute you’re away from it that your things may be stolen.

In addition, manual locks have become an outdated thing of the past, so if your manual door locking system requires any repairs, parts and service can be difficult to come by.

Automatic car door locks: the power in peace of mind

Even if you own a classic car, automatic car door locks can be installed while still maintaining the same appearance and feel as the classic, yet outdated, historic manual lock. However, the advantages in going with power car door locking systems make this upgrade for any vehicle an easy choice. Their centralized locking system offers convenience and safety no matter who’s in the driver’s seat. Often, they even auto-lock on their own once the vehicle reaches a certain speed. This can bring a wonderful peace of mind when we upgrade a loved one’s vehicle to an automated door locking system. We know they are safe.

In addition, these days, the most advanced power door locking systems don’t even require a key. Keyless entry is an absolute plus for the absent minded, the on-the-go driver, and those without pockets alike. While this system may require a bit more investment than leaving a vehicle’s manual door locking system as is, these benefits pay back big time in terms of convenience, safety, and peace of mind.

The VAIS difference

Founded in 2003, our business is built on our passion for evolution. Helping our customers is an endeavour that blends our love of the automobile and technology. For any customized upgrades you desire for your vehicle, including SEER – Smart Entry Exit Recognition—and other automatic car door locks and tech needs, reach out to us anytime. Talking cars and technology is what we do at VAIS.

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