What To Do When Your New Car Doesn’t Come With Satellite Radio

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Did you just buy a car that doesn’t come with satellite radio? If so, you may be wondering what you can do to add satellite radio to your car, and which option is best.

The good news is that there are several different ways to add satellite radio to your car. But, some of these options are much better than others. So, you’ll want to understand which option will work best for you. We’ll go over all the options, as well as the pros and cons for each one.

1. Buy A Dash-Mounted Satellite Radio Tuner Kit


There are tons of dash-mounted satellite radio tuner kits on Amazon and other websites.  SiriusXM has its own line of satellite radio tuner kits.

A dash-mounted satellite radio tuner is a small, boxy device that’s mounted on the dash. When you stick it on the dash, you connect it to the factory stereo via the AUX input or FM transmitter. You would need to run some power and/or signal wires across the dash and console to make the whole setup work.

The Pros And Cons Of A Dash-Mounted Satellite Radio Tuner Kit

Dash-mounted satellite radio tuner kits are a popular solution because:

  • It works (for the most part)
  • It doesn’t cost much (you can get one for about 30 bucks)

However, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies here. It’s far from a perfect solution. Often times, a. dash-mounted satellite radio tuner set up will cause more trouble than convenience. For starters:

  • It causes a lot of dash clutter. You have a small box mounted somewhere on the dash, and there are wires all over the place. The setup not only looks terrible, but the box or the wires can interfere with your ability to use other dash controls.
  • It can be hard to use while on the road. A dash-mounted satellite radio tuner kit doesn’t enable you to use factory stereo controls. So if you want to change stations, for example, you would need to reach across the dash and fiddle with the box. Doing so distracts you from the road, which can be pretty dangerous.
  • If you’re using an FM modulator, you’re only getting FM quality sound. Many dash mounted units receive the satellite signal, and then re-broadcast it to your FM radio. That’s convenient, because you don’t need a wire running to your stereo. But, these units step the sound quality down from satellite digital to plain old FM. That’s not terrible, but you can easily hear the difference.

So the bottom line is that while a dash-mounted satellite radio tuner kit may work OK, it may not be the quality solution you’re looking for. Luckily, there’s a better solution: installing a VAIS adapter kit.

2. Add Satellite Radio With A VAIS Adapter Kit

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A VAIS satellite radio adapter kit is a much more seamless approach than a dash-mounted tuner. VAIS adapter kits add both a satellite radio tuner and an antenna to your car. However, unlike the “stick on” kits, it’s all installed behind the scenes.

The VAIS adapter directly connects to your car stereo, so you get true satellite digital quality sound. Also, unlike the standard cheap approach, VAIS kits integrate with the stereo controls. This means there’s no separate box that controls the channels. It also means that you can change channels right from the steering wheel, which is something you can’t do if you buy a cheap tuner kit. This post outlines all the benefits of using a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit.

You can either:

  • Install a VAIS satellite radio adapter yourself
  • Have a dealer install it for you

3. Ask A Dealer To Install a VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter For You


If you’re not comfortable installing a VAIS satellite radio adapter yourself, you can ask a dealer to do it for you. If you bought your car from a new car dealership, check and see if they are a VAIS dealer. Many new car dealers are also VAIS dealers. They know that a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit:

  • Is very reliable
  • Works just like it had been installed at the factory
  • Will not have any impact on your new car warranty

Also, many independent car audio shops are VAIS dealers. They are highly qualified to install our adapters. To them, it’s one of the easiest jobs they do. We have plenty of dealers across the United States carry and install VAIS satellite radio adapter kits. Check out the dealer map and find a dealer near you!

Find A VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter For Your Model

VAIS offers the industry’s best solution for adding satellite radio to a new vehicle because:

  • It integrates satellite radio into your factory stereo
  • It provides true satellite digital sound quality
  • It works just like it was installed at the factory
  • All the parts and components are high quality

We have satellite radio adapter kits for all kinds of makes and models. Look up your vehicle here to see if we have a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit made just for your model!

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