High Speed USB Charger



Some of today’s cars come with only one USB port, and most of our GSR adapters use that port to add SiriusXM. If you’re worried about not being able to charge your phone while listening to SiriusXM or need an additional USB charging port, this adapter is the solution.

VAIS Technology’s new high charging adapter connects with all 2nd generation USB connecting units. You get up to 2.4A high speed charging, meaning you can run battery draining apps like Google Maps while still getting a charge!

Compatible with all GSR modules listed on our website except for GSR-011, -012, -021, -022, -023, -024, -026, -031, -032, -033, -061, -TY51, -TY52, -HM01.

Installation / Operation Manual
Installation Guide

Operating Environment:


  • Space free of moisture exposure
  • Not in the path or presence of any blowing heat source


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