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SEER is the future of keyless entry. Using proximity-based automation, SEER can activate any electronic function in your vehicle.

  • Complete customization using the VAIS app – trigger any factory or aftermarket electronic based on proximity or events (learn more ).
  • Lock your car when you leave; unlock it before you touch the handle (may require CAN Bus interface such as iDataLink ALCA )
  • Activate headlights, dome light, and puddle light for safety or convenience or add more light with a dedicated output for a high-powered LED source
  • Available for all makes and models (limited compatibility for some European makes; contact us for more details)

Installation Manual User Guide Configuration Sheet

NOTE: Price does not include installation

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SEER allows you to customize your vehicle’s features exactly the way you want.

SEER is the future of keyless entry, adding proximity-based automation to your door locks, lights, and any other factory or aftermarket electronic. It can be customized to trigger any electronic function based on events or proximity to the vehicle.

For example, here’s a typical SEER setup for a truck:

As you approach your truck, SEER can automatically:

  • Turn on your vehicle’s factory or aftermarket lighting as soon SEER recognizes you
  • Turn on your vehicle’s puddle light and dome light as you come closer
  • Lower your running boards for quick access
  • Unfold the mirrors and unlock the doors before you touch the handle

As you leave your truck, SEER can automatically:

  • Lock your car and fold the mirrors for security and peace of mind
  • Keep the lights on as you are leaving, and turn them off once you’re gone

You can also create triggers to turn your bed light on when you open the bed door or even install a rain sensor and trigger the tonneau cover to shut when it rains.

No other system offers the same level of capability and total customization.

See SEER In Action:

Accessing SEER Customization Is Easy!

All you have to do is go to to create an account. You can use our templates, or you can create your own flow!

How To Create A SEER Flow and Load It Onto Your Device:

We’ve got a detailed outline of the SEER flow customization process here, which includes several videos showing exactly how our flow editor works. We’ve also got step-by-step instructions for creating a custom flow and getting it loaded onto your SEER device. See How To Customize and Create Your Own Flow Logic with SEER for more details.

Installation Manual User Guide Configuration Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SEER do?

SEER allows you to program your vehicle to perform actions based on proximity or events.

For example, you can program SEER to automatically unlock your vehicle as you approach it and lock your vehicle as you walk away. Additionally, you can use SEER to trigger your headlights, dome lights, power side steps, etc. The options are practically limitless, as SEER can be programmed to trigger nearly any electronic function of your vehicle based on your proximity.

Can I control more than door locks with SEER?

Yes! You can control any factory or aftermarket electronic component of your vehicle, though some components may require additional equipment.

Examples of features that can be controlled by proximity: headlights, dome light, puddle light, backup light, mirrors, side steps, and horn.

What type of events can SEER be programmed to trigger an action for?

Some actions or events that SEER can monitor are ignition, tachometer, speed sensor, light status, accessory, parking brake, door status, liftgate/trunk, brake signal status, motion sensor, bed door, hood, convertible top, and sunroof .  SEER can be programmed to trigger specific actions based on certain events. For example, it can be programmed to turn on the bed light when the liftgate is opened or close a convertible top if the rain sensor detects moisture.

Can SEER be used to lock storage boxes or compartments?

Yes! Assuming you can electrically actuate the locking mechanism, SEER can be programmed to control it. For example, SEER can be used to lock compartments on an ambulance, automatically enable or disable an alarm on a hydraulic system, or simply lock or unlock a toolbox.

Does SEER require a smartphone?

Nope! SEER recognizes you by a small tag you keep on your keyring. However, the installer will need to use a smartphone to load some software into SEER.

How big is the tag?

The SEER tag measures 1″ wide by 1.25″ long by 1/4″ thick.

What vehicles is SEER compatible with?

SEER is compatible with almost all vehicles.*

*Limited compatibility for some European makes. Contact us for more details.

Does SEER use RFID technology?

No, SEER uses an advanced encryption technology this is secured against both relay and replay exploits, making it more sophisticated than most similar systems.

How do I install SEER?

The installation method for SEER will vary from vehicle to vehicle. While those with vehicle electronics experience can install SEER on their own, we recommend working with an approved dealer to ensure correct installation, as well as to provide custom programming. You can find an installer here.

How many tags are included with SEER?

SEER includes two tags.

How can I get additional tags?

We cannot provide more than two tags at this time.

What do I do if my tag is lost or damaged?

Please contact VAIS Technology at [email protected], here, or 720-733-2348.

How do I replace my SEER battery?

Each SEER tag comes with one CR1632 battery. This battery is common and inexpensive, and it’s easy to replace. See the SEER User Guide for instructions. Depending on usage, the battery should last 6 – 12 months.

Will SEER work with analog systems on classic cars?

Yes, SEER is compatible with both digital and analog systems.

Does SEER work with multiple vehicles?

SEER is compatible with all vehicles, but each vehicle must have a unique SEER module installed. This means that each vehicle will have a unique set of SEER tags.

Will I ever need to reset SEER?

Nope! Because of our advanced technology, you can set it and forget it!

Will I ever need to reprogram SEER?

SEER does not need to be reprogrammed after installation is completed. However, if you wish to change settings that were configured at installation – say, for example, that you want to change your proximity trigger from 10 feet to 8 feet – you can customize SEER using our flow editor. Learn more about custom SEER flows here.

Of course, the SEER flow editor can also be used to create completely new customizations.

Will SEER prevent theft?

SEER can certainly be used as a security device, only it is intended to be much more than that.

However, if you were to only use SEER to unlock your vehicle doors, it would be a significant theft deterrent. Likewise, you can lock out the starter with SEER.

The important thing to understand is that the SEER system is more secure than most factory keys or key tags. SEER can also be used to lock more than just vehicle doors – a utility truck operator, for example, could use SEER to lock both their vehicle and all utility body doors and panels once they’re a certain distance away.

Of course, just like any other security product, SEER doesn’t prevent every type of theft, nor can it deter every kind of thief.

What makes SEER so much more secure than factory keys and key tags?

Without giving too many secrets away, SEER uses an encrypted “handshake” to identify each tag, with a rolling code that is never duplicate. This method makes it nearly impossible for third parties to “clone” or “steal” the tag, as each handshake is unique. This prevents the types of “relay” and “replay” security system attacks that plague many OEM security measures.


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