Why An Integrated Satellite Radio System Is The Safest Option

Distracted driving is dangerous. Using a phone in your car for entertainment makes incoming texts and phone calls easy interruptions for drivers. Why not put the phone away for the commute and enjoy some SiriusXM programs instead? First, consider your options for adding SiriusXM to your vehicle.

3 add-on radio options

When you’re hooking up a SiriusXM satellite radio in your car, you have several options:

  1. Install a stand-alone satellite radio
  2. Connect a satellite radio receiver unit via an AUX input
  3. Install an integrated satellite radio system (a VAIS adapter system)

The first two options involve mounting a separate radio on the dash and then running some wires to the factory radio. The last option is installing a VAIS adapter system. The VAIS adapter integrates the satellite radio directly with the factory radio. Everything is hidden behind the dash. That means you can use your factory controls, including the ones on your steering wheel, to control SiriusXM.

Why It’s Safer To Use An Integrated Satellite Radio System

Using an integrated satellite radio system is the safest option.

It’s because using the radio controls is much easier while driving. Your auto manufacturer designed the radio controls in the most user-friendly way possible. In other words, you can change the volume, browse through the channels, and do other things with your radio without being distracted from the road.

Our adapter system allows you to integrate satellite radio within your factory stereo. When you’re driving, you can easily use your factory stereo controls (including steering wheel controls). You can switch channels, turn up or down the volume, and so on without having to take your eyes off the road.

If you go with a stand-alone satellite radio or a satellite radio receiver unit, you’ll end up with more dash clutter and also a higher risk of distracted driving. With one of those stand-alone radios or a receiver unit hooked up in your car, your factory radio controls are rendered useless. To change channels or the volume, you’d have to fiddle around with the separate unit installed on your dashboard. That requires taking your eyes off off the road for a while.

The True Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Did you know that in 2018 alone, 2,841 lives were claimed as a result of distracted driving? In fact, distracted driving is six times more likely to cause a crash than drunk driving. If you take your eyes off off the road for only 3 seconds while driving 70mph, you’ll drive the length of a football field before you see the road again. So many things could happen in those three seconds. It easily takes over three seconds to reach over to your stand-alone satellite radio unit to fiddle around with it.

Distracted driving is an especially important issue if you’ve got a teenage driver in your family. Teenagers are easily distracted by their phones. If you want to keep your teenager’s driving as safe as possible, it is a good idea to remove any reason they have to reach for their phone. Satellite radio is a great way to minimize distractions for young drivers. They can have a great selection of music, with minimal distractions.

If you want to minimize distracted driving and enjoy SiriusXM satellite radio, getting an integrated satellite radio system is the best option.

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