Should I Negotiate Satellite Radio On My Used Car Purchase?


Do you have your heart set on a used car, but it doesn’t come with satellite radio? That can be quite a downer. Satellite radio completely transforms the driving experience, after all.

Should you move on to the next car? Or should you stick to your guns and try to get the dealership to add satellite radio to the used car of your dreams? We say go ahead and ask! Read on to find out why.

Why You Should Have Satellite Radio In Your Car


Many drivers will tell you that satellite radio is a must-have feature in cars. It brightens up your ride, especially if you’re road tripping. You’ll get to enjoy a variety of channels, including (but not limited to):

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Talk shows
  • Comedy
  • News

Chances are your local radio market offers only a handful of channels. With SiriusXM, you’ll get access to over 150 different channels with high quality content. You’ll enjoy more benefits with satellite radio, including:

  • Minimal commercial interruptions
  • Unedited and uncensored content
  • Great radio signal
  • Excellent sound quality

Definitely Ask For Satellite Radio (And Anything Else You Want, Within Reason)

Here’s a secret: as a customer, you have a lot of negotiating power. The dealership is in business to sell cars, so they want to keep their inventory moving as fast as possible. Unless the used car you want is in really high demand, the dealership is eager to move it. That means you have a lot of power to negotiate a lower price and some add-ons, including satellite radio. Here’s a great guide to successfully negotiating a used car deal.

Bottom line: If the used car you’re after doesn’t have the feature(s) you want, definitely ask for it. What is there to lose? The worst that can happen is the dealer saying no. In most cases, the dealer will either:

  • Agree to add the feature(s) to the car
  • Meet you in the middle if they can’t or won’t add the feature(s) to the car; this usually means giving you a discount

Suggest VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter Kits

Kit 2

If the dealer tells you that they can’t add satellite radio to the car, you can let them know about VAIS satellite radio adapter kits for factory stereos. VAIS makes high quality kits that enable the dealer to add satellite radio to factory stereos. Using a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit brings several benefits:

  • No dash clutter
  • Crisp factory stereo sound
  • Ability to use factory controls, including those on the steering wheel

In other words, VAIS kits literally add satellite radio to your factory stereo. It’s such a great solution that a lot of car dealerships across the United States use it to add satellite radio to their used cars. If your dealer isn’t aware of VAIS, you can suggest it to them.

What If The Dealer Won’t Add Satellite Radio To The Car?

If the dealer still refuses to add satellite radio to the car, all is not lost. You can still buy the car and then take to one of our dealers to have a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit installed. VAIS has a large nationwide network of dealers. Look up your location on this map to find all the VAIS dealers nearby.

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