Why Satellite Radio Is The Perfect Way To Prevent Road Rage

Road rage. It happens to the best of us. However, life’s too short to get all riled up over aggressive tailgaters and drivers who don’t use turn signals. There are ways to curb road rage and make the road safer for yourself and others.

We’re not talking about eating a Snickers bar or anything like that. You need a bigger solution that will lift your spirits, and that is satellite radio.

Have you ever noticed that most people subconsciously dial down the road rage when there’s a passenger in the car? Listening to a good SiriusXM® show is like having an incredibly entertaining buddy sitting next to you. That alone makes listening to any SiriusXM® channel a good way to curb road rage.

radio helps road rage

Road rage doesn’t look good on anyone. Photo credit: John Greenfield

With hundreds and hundreds of channels in its lineup, SiriusXM® offers quite a few effective road rage remedies. With SiriusXM®, you can…


Meditation does wonders, especially when you’re a ball of stress trying to battle traffic after a long day of work. Meditation silences the mind, releases stress, and helps you relax and dwell in positive thoughts. When the mind is quiet and calm, we experience inner peace.

The best part about meditation is you can do it anywhere and anytime, even smack dab in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic! Just remember not to close your eyes or fall asleep behind the wheel, though!

Try this: Spa, Channel 68 or Escape, Channel 69

Distract Yourself

Nothing distracts you from the bleak reality of congested traffic and bad drivers like a good story. So buckle up, switch on SiriusXM®, and travel back in time. SiriusXM® offers an entire channel devoted to a variety of classic old-time radio shows.

Try this: Radio Classics, Channel 148


Sometimes all you need is a good, hearty laugh. Studies show that it not only relieves physical tension and stress, but it also relaxes your muscles for up to 45 minutes and releases endorphins into your system. It’s okay if Howard Stern isn’t your thing because SiriusXM®’s lineup includes a wide variety of comedy channels, such as Comedy Central Radio and Carlin’s Corner.

Try this: Comedy Greats, Channel 94

Catch Up On The News

Listening to the news is another good way to distract yourself from the rage-inducing traffic going on around you. We suggest listening to positive and entertaining news, like sports news or celebrity gossip, rather than heavy, hard-hitting news.

Try this: Entertainment Radio, Channel 105

Jam Out To Holiday Tunes

When the holiday season arrives, SiriusXM® adds a bunch of stations dedicated to playing holiday jingles 24/7. With I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus playing in the background, it’s practically impossible to get angry with the driver who just cut you off.

Try this: Holly, Channel 70

Happy driver with satellite radio

The effect SiriusXM® has on any driver, via State Farm

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