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Quality Aftermarket Auto Accessories
Add A Tag To A Keyring
Convenience of automatic locking and unlocking
Automate your lights as you approach or walk away
Avoid battery drain with automatic shutdown
Secure interior compartments while you’re away
Available and customizable for all RV types

Trigger RV Features Automatically Based on Proximity

With Smart Entry Exit Recognition (SEER), it’s easy to add modern security and convenience features to a recreational vehicle:

  • SEER determines your proximity to the RV, and can automatically trigger vehicle electronic features or added accessories
  • SEER recognizes up to three zones of proximity, recognizing when you are approaching, leaving, or moving alongside the vehicle.
  • SEER can lock down your vehicle when you leave, shutting down accessories and preventing theft.
  • SEER can be fully customized based on RV size and requirements to automate triggering in any order and duration.

With advanced encryption technology, SEER makes it easy to enjoy your RV without worrying about keys, forgotten locks, or battery drain.

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SEER can be added to any recreational vehicle:

  • SEER can be added to new or existing vehicles
  • SEER can be customized and programmed
  • SEER is very affordable

To learn more about installation, customization, and pricing, please complete our contact form.

Industry-Specific SEER

Every industry requires different applications. We’ve designed SEER with that in mind. SEER can be customized to fit industry-specific requirements.

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