SEER: Starter Interrupt as a Security Feature

Not all keyless entry systems are equal. In fact, many have different features that make them stand out. For the SEER system from VAIS Technology, one of those features is starter interrupt. Let’s walk through what this feature does, and why it’s important.

What is SEER and Starter Interrupt?

SEER is a keyless entry car system that can be programed for additional safety and convenience using functions based on the owner’s needs. The functions can be controlled by the keytag and a smartphone app. For example, you can program proximity functions, timers, access delays and more – which are great for fleet operators as well as individuals.

The starter interrupt is based on proximity and relies on the SEER keytag. So, if someone were to break into your vehicle, push the start button, or even turn the key, they are out of luck if the SEER keytag is not within the programmed proximity. This means as long as you walk away with the keytag on your person and you forget to lock the door, nobody can drive away with your vehicle.

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Why Starter Interrupt is an Important Security Feature

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We are holding groceries in both hands and forget to hit the lock, or are moving equipment in and out of the vehicle and overlook locking up. Most vehicles thefts occur when people are away from their vehicles, not when they are nearby, which makes this feature very practical. Thanks to the SEER keyless entry system with our proprietary starter interrupt feature, your vehicle’s starter will not engage unless the keytag is nearby.

SEER is made for you

Since not all keyless entry systems are created equally, you need to find a system that works for you and your vehicles. The SEER system can be used on almost every make and model of vehicle, and it has the features you need to improve vehicle security, thanks to easy customizations suitable for personal and fleet use.

You can use our lookup system to find a dealer near you that offers the SEER keyless entry system. From there, you can get the system customized to your needs, including ensuring that starter interrupt is included.


When it comes to choosing a keyless entry system, don’t just settle for a regular system that comes with your vehicle. Choose instead a system that’s customizable and comes with additional features that improve security and convenience at the same time. The SEER system from VAIS Technologies is the world’s most advanced and customizable keyless entry system, designed to keep you and your vehicle safe. It’s compatible with almost every make and model on the planet, from classic cruisers to police vehicles and more. Whether you own a fleet or want a better keyless entry system, SEER is your solution. Contact us for more details.

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