Add Proximity Keyless Access to Any Vehicle*

A Small Keytag to Carry

You Approach
SEER Does the Rest

Secure & Reliable
LF+RF Communication

Always Know Your
Vehicle is Locked

Proven Tech Used by Car Manufactures

A Small Keytag to Carry

You Approach SEER Does the Rest

You Approach SEER Does the Rest

Always know Your Vehicle is Locked

Proven Tech Used by Car Manufactures

Main Features

Passive Keyless Entry

Unlock the car before you touch the handle

Walk-Away Lock

Peace of mind knowing your car is locked

Illuminated Entry & Exit

Activate lighting at night time for added safety

Starter Interrupt

Deactivate engine start when you walk away

Up to 15 Foot Recognition

Versitile customization to activate up to 10 electronic accessories

Personalize it

Use out of the box or customize it

Two Well Deserved Industry Best Product Awards

Serving all markets

Markets Served

Daily Driver

Fleets & Delivery

Classic Cars

Custom Vehicles

First Responders



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* Limited availability for some European makes.

Contact Us for more information on compatibility. 


  • 2 Keytags

  • 8 Inputs

  • 10 Outputs

  • Dedicated output for high-powered LED source

  • Automotive buzzer output

  • Rolling Code, High Security Communication

  • Advanced Power Management


  • Automotive Grade Design

  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)


  • ECU: 5.6 in x 3.23 in x .96 in

  • Keytag 1.5 in x 1.25 in x .26 in

  • Weight: 2 LBS


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SEER has been great! I really like the way the vehicle lights up for me at night. Great safety feature! It’s also been nice not to worry about locking/unlocking doors when my hands are full.

Sarah L - Denver, CO


The Most Advanced Keyless Access
No Buttons to Press

SEER is a new keyless entry car kit that completely rethinks car keyless entry systems. It does more than simply unlock a vehicle when you come near. It enhances security, increases convenience and puts you in control of your vehicle’s lights, ignition, and locks.

Imagine walking up to your vehicle and having the lights turn on automatically before you get in. Imagine the doors being unlocked as you reach for them. Imagine them locking again as you start the ignition. And imagine walking away, hearing the locks engage and a security system keeping it safe. That is just the surface of the benefits that SEER can give you as a car owner.

The Latest in Automatic Car Door Locks and Keyless Entry Technology

SEER is unlike any other kind of keyless entry systems for cars, offering clients a new level of customization for almost any vehicle. Right now, many luxury vehicles allow for proprietary range-enabled systems for unlocking the vehicle. SEER takes this small convenience and turns it into a personalized and customized experience for anyone with almost any vehicle.

A Vehicle Locking System with Additional Features

Our system can be easily configured to turn any lights on your vehicle on as you approach your car, including running lights, puddle lights and lights in the cab or bed of your truck. This not only provides additional security and ease at night, but means you are never left in the dark getting to your vehicle.

SEER also includes options for security features while you are away from your vehicle. It can be configured with a range-sensitive security feature that warns people when they are too close to the vehicle. If they decide to try and enter the car, an alarm will sound and the ignition will be turned off, making it near-impossible to steal the vehicle. SEER is the aftermarket keyless entry automatic car door lock system that takes security to a whole new level.

Aftermarket Keyless Entry for Almost Any Vehicle

Our founder, Dennis Hopper, owns a 1969 Chevelle. It’s his pride and joy and a vehicle he wants to keep safe. He understands that many classic car owners want the conveniences and the security of modern vehicles while keeping their vintage cars looking and feeling classic. That’s where the SEER is truly different from other aftermarket keyless entry systems.

With the exception of a few European models of cars, the SEER system can be easily installed in almost any make and model of vehicle, no matter the age. It can also easily integrate with a number of aftermarket upgrades and changes.

If you own a vehicle that you want to customize with convenient security and quality-of-life features, then be sure to look at VAIS Technology’s dealers and installers lists. These vetted and talented service providers can install the SEER system and implement any of its features for your vehicle, whether your car is brand new or decades old. Be sure to learn more about our many car solutions, including multimedia upgrades, satellite radio, keyless entry systems for cars and more.