SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Options For Nissan

Quality audio entertainment is the key to an enjoyable ride, whether it’s a long or short distance. As a Nissan owner or to-be Nissan owner, you might be wondering how to get SiriusXM® satellite radio in your car. Do you have to buy a Nissan model with SiriusXM® already built in? Not necessarily.

Read on to learn about your SiriusXM® satellite radio options.

1. Do All Nissan Models Come With SiriusXM® Satellite Radio?

satellite radio for Nissan sedan

Nissan does not offer SiriusXM® on all of its models. It’s a deliberate decision in order to help sell the higher trim levels. By offering satellite radio only as an exclusive feature on the more expensive trim levels, Nissan hopes to get its customers to splurge more on their cars. For example, the base Titan, Frontier, Sentra, and Kicks models don’t come with SiriusXM®, but the higher trim levels on those models do.

If you have your heart set on a standard or base Nissan model that doesn’t come with satellite radio, all is not lost. What Nissan doesn’t want you to know is that you can add SiriusXM® to your car for a fraction of the cost of an expensive trim level.

2. How Can I Add Satellite Radio To My Nissan?

Instead of paying thousands of dollars on a higher Nissan trim level just to get satellite radio, you can install an aftermarket unit or adapter for a small fraction of the cost. The most common solutions are:

  • Stand-alone satellite radio to be connected to the electrical system and the FM modulator
  • Satellite radio receiver with an AUX adapter kit (only if your Nissan has an auxiliary input)
  • VAIS satellite radio adapter kit

The most streamlined solution is the VAIS satellite radio adapter kit. Unlike the other solutions, it doesn’t create any dash clutter. This guide covers each solution in more detail if you want to do some further reading on adding satellite radio to your Nissan.

3. Is There A Genuine OEM Satellite Radio Adapter Available From Nissan?

As a part of Nissan’s strategy to encourage its customers to spend more money on higher trim levels, Nissan doesn’t offer OEM satellite radio adapters. Luckily, aftermarket solutions exist, which are listed above.

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