SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Options For Scion

Satellite radio is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. It completes the driving experience, so it’s no wonder a lot of Scion owners are asking how they can enjoy SiriusXM® satellite radio on the road.

That’s why we put together this list of FAQs about satellite radio in Scions.

1. Is Satellite Radio Available On All Scion Models?

Scion satellite radio options

Satellite radio is not available on all Scion models, unfortunately. It doesn’t matter if you have a FR-S or a xA or xB, SiriusXM® is available in only the higher trim levels. Scion is marketing it as a high-end feature in an attempt to encourage its customers to spend more money on the more expensive trim levels. If you have a standard or base model, you likely won’t have satellite radio built-in.

2. Can I Add Satellite Radio To My Scion tC If it’s Not Already Built-In?

VAIS Technoology satellite radio Kit 2

If your Scion tC isn’t already equipped with SiriusXM® satellite radio, you can add it to your car. Or any other Scion model. There are a few aftermarket solutions that are specifically designed to help you accomplish that. Let’s talk about three of the most common aftermarket solutions:

  • Connect a stand-alone satellite radio to your car’s electrical system and FM modulator
  • Rig up a satellite radio receiver with a satellite receiver unit and an AUX adapter kit
  • Install a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit

Each option is explained in more detail in this article. Basically, the first two options come with issues, including dash clutter and a decrease in sound quality. A VAIS satellite radio adapter kit is arguably the best solution. It doesn’t create any dash clutter and it maintains the factory sound quality because it enables you to use SiriusXM® in your factory stereo.

3. Is There A Genuine OEM Satellite Radio Adapter Available From Scion?

Scion does not offer a genuine OEM satellite radio adapter. It’s a part of their attempt to encourage its customers to splurge on the more expensive trim levels with SiriusXM® built-in. Luckily, you can get a base or standard model and then install a VAIS satellite radio adapter to get the best of both worlds. You’ll end up saving so much money as opposed to paying an inflated price for a higher trim level with satellite radio built-in.

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