SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Options For Subaru

SiriusXM® satellite radio comes standard or as an option on some cars. If you’re here, you may either own a Subaru or are looking to buy one. Also, you might have some questions about enjoying satellite radio in a Subaru.

This guide answers the most common questions people have about satellite radio.

1. Is Satellite Radio Offered On All Subaru Models?

Subaru satellite radio offerings

Not all Subaru models come with satellite radio built-in. You would find satellite radio only on some of the more expensive trim levels. SiriusXM® is popular, but Subaru is offering it as an exclusive feature. Why, though?

Subaru knows how popular satellite radio is. So if Subaru only offers it on the more expensive trim levels, their customers would have to spend more money to get it.

2. Can I Add Satellite Radio To My Subaru That Doesn’t Come With It?

If your Subaru doesn’t come with satellite radio already built-in, we have good news. You can enjoy satellite radio on the road with an aftermarket solution. The most popular aftermarket solutions include:

Read more about each aftermarket solution here. To sum it up, VAIS is the best solution. It’s because:

  • VAIS satellite radio adapters don’t create any dash clutter.
  • VAIS satellite radio adapters allow you to keep the factory sound quality.
  • VAIS satellite radio adapters allow you to keep using the factory stereo controls.

VAIS satellite radio adapters are compatible with the following Subaru models:

  • Outback
  • Legacy
  • Impreza
  • Crosstrek
  • Atlas
  • and more!

3. Is There A Genuine OEM Satellite Radio Adapter Available From Subaru?

Subaru wants to encourage its customers to pay more money for the higher trim levels. That’s why they don’t offer OEM satellite radio adapters. Luckily, you can use one of the aftermarket solutions listed above.

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