SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Options For Volkswagen

There’s no better place to enjoy SiriusXM® satellite radio than in a Volkswagen. When you’re shopping for a Volkswagen (or if you’ve bought a new Volkswagen), you may be wondering if it’s possible to listen to SiriusXM® in any VW model.

That’s why we put together this list of frequently asked questions about SiriusXM® in Volkswagen vehicles.

1. Does Volkswagen Offer SiriusXM® Satellite Radio On All Models?

VW satellite radio

Volkswagen does not offer SiriusXM® satellite radio on all models. It’s only available on the more expensive trim levels. Given how popular SiriusXM® is, it’s a strategic move on Volkswagen’s part to get their customers to spend more money on the higher trim levels.

In other words, most standard or base VW models don’t come with satellite radio built-in.

2. Is It Possible To Add SiriusXM® Satellite Radio To My VW?

If you own a Volkswagen without a built-in SiriusXM® receiver, we have good news for you: it’s possible to add satellite radio to your VW Atlas,  Jetta, Tiguan or other many other models. There are a few different aftermarket solutions that make this possible. Some of the most common (and most effective) solutions are:

  1. Sticking a stand-alone satellite radio unit to the dash and then running some wires to the car’s electrical system and an FM modulator
  2. Rigging up a satellite radio receiver with an AUX adapter kit
  3. Installing a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit

The easiest, most streamlined solution that doesn’t create any dash clutter is the third one: installing a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit. For a thorough explanation of each option, check out this guide.

3. Is There A Genuine OEM Satellite Radio Adapter Available From Volkswagen?

The answer here is no. Volkswagen doesn’t offer a satellite radio adapter for the same reason only select VW models come with a SiriusXM® receiver. VW wants to encourage its customers to spend more money on the more expensive trim levels of the Golf or Passat or other model.

You can save a bunch of money on a standard or base model and then install an aftermarket solution in order to enjoy SiriusXM® satellite radio on the road!

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