SiriusXM SXV300 And SXV200 Compatibility – What You Need To Know

You’ve probably seen the SiriusXM satellite radio tuner kits called the SXV300 and the SXV200, especially if you’re in the market for a satellite radio. And why not consider it? They’re manufactured by Sirius themselves, they’re affordable, and they’re easy to install.

Satellite radio adapter

While these products are cheap and popular, they do not work with factory stereos. If you have an after-market stereo that is SiriusXM Ready, you can use one of these tuners. As is the case with most drivers, these tuners don’t do any good with standard stereos.

The Right Tool For The Job

Have you ever tried to hammer a nail with a screwdriver? Us either. But that’s what trying to fit the SXV300 or SXV200 into a standard stereo is like. They are great products but only work with a limited number of after-market stereos. So, if you want one of these units, you need to replace your factory car stereo with an after-market unit from a company that makes compatible stereos. Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer, Jensen, and others all make compatible units.

After-Market Installation

A lot of people believe they have to add an after-market stereo to get satellite radio in their car, but that’s not true. Adding an after-market stereo to a new car is always an option, but there are problems:

  • After-market stereos aren’t usually as reliable as factory radios. They haven’t been tested by the manufacturer, and if they aren’t made for the car, they can be finicky.
  • After-market stereos don’t always fit into the dash the way the factory radio does, and this changes the aesthetics of the dash (sometimes for the worse). This could ultimately affect its resale value.
  • After-market stereos don’t always integrate the functionality of the factory stereo. They do a great job of playing music, but don’t always display vehicle data, climate control settings, and so on. Some factory radios also double as ‘information centers’ but can be very pricey.
  • After-market stereos aren’t free. The units themselves range from $50 to $1,000, and then there are installation costs. A cheap after-market stereo can easily cost $250 installed.

While some people want an after-market stereo because they want to add more speakers and more functionality to their car, it’s not necessary to add an after-market stereo to your car just so you can get satellite radio.

A Better Option

VAIS satellite tuner

VAIS offers factory radio compatible adapter kits.

It is possible to add satellite radio to your factory stereo, even if the factory unit doesn’t have an “AUX” input. The solution is one of the satellite radio adapter kits from VAIS Technology. All of our kits integrate with the factory radio and behave just like a built-in satellite radio tuner would:

  • All satellite radio functions and information can be displayed on the factory stereo’s screen
  • You can use your car stereo controls (including steering wheel controls) to change stations

When you install a kit from VAIS, here’s what you don’t get.

  • You don’t have a bunch of wires going everywhere.
  • You don’t have to put a bracket on the dash or plug something into the cigarette lighter.

Our adapters are designed to be plug and play, which means installation is fast and easy, and operation is painless, too.

VAIS kits are available for vehicles from most major automakers, including Toyota, Lexus, Honda, GM, Ford, Mazda, and more.

Have questions? We’re happy to help you find a kit for your vehicle. Contact us here!

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