The Security Benefits Of SEER

Have you heard of SEER? It’s a new advanced keyless proximity system for vehicles. In fact, it’s much more than a keyless entry kit. It has many more features and benefits than a standard keyless entry system.

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A big factor that puts SEER above all other keyless entry systems is the security it offers. SEER uses a higher security technology than a regular factory key. It’s nearly impossible to break SEER security.

Whether you have a personal vehicle or a fleet, SEER is a great way to keep yourself and your vehicle(s) safe. For example, SEER can prevent merchandise theft for:

  • Fleets
  • First responder vehicles

SEER is not a security system, but it adds extra security in a variety of ways. SEER is a great upgrade for both:

  • Classic vehicles and lower trim vehicles that don’t have a security system
  • Vehicles that have a security system

Here are 4 ways SEER keeps you and your vehicle(s) safer:

1. SEER Keeps Your Car Doors Locked

Locked car doors

Often times, car theft happens because the driver forgot to lock the doors before walking away. This happens pretty often with fleet vehicles and first responder vehicles. If you keep valuable items in your vehicle(s), you want something like SEER.

SEER will automatically lock the vehicle when you walk away from it (as long as you have the tag on your person). This cuts the risk of your vehicle remaining unlocked when you’re gone. SEER gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle will always be locked when you’re not around.

2. SEER Keeps The Lights On Until You Leave

SEER can also keep your car lights on until you leave the area. This is especially useful if you park in a dark area at night.

3. With SEER, You Don’t Have To Look For Your Keys

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It’s important to stay alert when:

  • Walking around other cars
  • Walking in a parking lot, especially at night

Thieves like to target distracted people. If you need to access your car with a set of keys, you may have to look for your keys while approaching your vehicle. If you’re fumbling around looking for your keys, a thief can use the opportunity to rob you. If there are no thieves around, you’re still not safe if you’re distracted. You may not notice a car coming, for instance.

SEER helps you remain aware of your surroundings. With SEER installed in your vehicle, you don’t need to use your keys to enter or exit your vehicle. The tag you keep on your keychain will lock and unlock your vehicle based on your proximity. That means you can walk up to your vehicle and enter it without having to look for your keys.

4. SEER Is Impervious To Relay And Replay Attacks

Hack car security

When we designed SEER, we took many security precautions. As a result, SEER is very hard to hack.

Hackers/thieves use sophisticated techniques to hack into vehicles. These techniques are called relay attack and replay attack. We won’t describe exactly how they work to avoid educating wannabe thieves. But, you should know factory keys programmed by automakers can’t prevent these attacks. SEER uses advanced encryption technology to create an extra layer of security that is nearly impossible to hack into. The technology is secured against relay and replay exploits.

Summing Up

SEER is an advanced keyless entry system that has many benefits, including advanced security. It’s so much more secure than a standard keyless entry system. Read more about how SEER works here.

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