Things Your Dealership can Add to a Vehicle


Do you remember turning sixteen and buying your first car? Depending on the age you are, there are going to be things that were added to your car to impress the one you loved at the time. For some, it may be electric windows—no more having to roll the windows down by hand. Maybe you splurged for a CD player. A few years ago, a remote car starter was one of the newest gadgets that people had to have. Now there are new things your dealer can add to a vehicle, such as a vehicle locking system.

Past to present vehicle locking systems:

Over the years vehicle locking systems have changed with technology. Door locks were introduced in 1914 on luxury cars, but this was not commonplace until 1956. Ford then took the next step in having one key for the doors and the ignition. In 1993, the corvette had a passive keyless entry system. Currently, most new cars have car remote starters and keyless entries. There has been a leap in technology in things that your dealership can add to a vehicle. Even in vehicle locking systems, there have been advancements.

vehicle locking system

SEER passive keyless entry

Many cars have keyless entry. When my kids were younger, they thought that I could do magic when I went up and touched the door and it would unlock or lock again. I had the key in my pocket and it still was able to unlock or lock the door. New technology in vehicle locking systems goes one step further. When the key fob is in your pocket and you approach the car, it will automatically unlock your car. This may seem irrelevant, but on the reverse side, when you walk away with the fob in your pocket, the car will automatically lock and secure. There is no more wondering if you locked the car door or not. When you have your hands full of groceries or are carrying a sleeping child into the home, instead of trying to fumble with keys or find the right spot to touch and lock the car, you Just can walk away knowing that the car is secure.

More than keyless entry

When we are purchasing a car, we look for security features or features to make our lives easier. One of these features is having your keyless entry remote also be able to trigger your vehicle to do other automated tasks. When you get closer to your car and unlock the door, what if the lights went on inside and outside your car so that you could see into your car and what is around it? This would increase safety. When locking your car automatically, if your mirrors folded in, they wouldn’t get damaged. If there is rain or snow detected and your car automatically rolled the windows up, you wouldn’t have to experience the dreaded wet seat the next day. All of this and so much more are available from a vehicle locking system.


Manufactures are making cars of the future, but there is technology now in vehicle locking systems that brings the future to the present car in an impressive way. For more information, click here.

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