Three Ways to Hook Up a SiriusXM Satellite Radio in Your Car

Enjoying music or a great talk radio show is one of the best ways to pass the time on your commute to work, but not every car comes with SiriusXM satellite radio. However, you can easily grab yourself a SiriusXM satellite radio adapter that can plug right into your factory standard radio. The following are three ways you can add SiriusXM to car.

Method One: Hooking up a SiriusXM Stand-Alone Satellite Radio

SiriusXM themselves offer a stand-alone satellite radio kit that can hook into just about any factory radio via the FM modulator. The process can be quite simple, although it does mean you will have to run some wires and mount some equipment.

Step 1: Mount the satellite radio that comes with the SiriusXM stand-alone kit. The kit will come with a dash mount that you can place on the dash next to your factory radio.

Step 2: You’ll have to run the wires from the dash mounted SiriusXM radio to your factory radio, as well as to a power source. The wires that go to your factory radio will most likely be routed under your dash and to the FM modulator ports on the back of your radio (setups vary). Next you need to run the power cables to your nearest cigarette lighter port for power (or USB port).

Step 3: Tune your factory radio to an unused FM frequency in your area. Next program the SiriusXM module to that FM radio frequency so it can transmit its signal to your radio, and through your car’s speakers.

This method has a lot of wires, and the FM transmitter isn’t always reliable, especially if you travel far distances and run into areas using the FM frequency you programmed.

Add SiriusXM to Car

Method Two: Connecting SiriusXM Satellite Radio via AUX Input

Many models of cars will have an AUX input for their factory radios, normally used to hook in an iPod or cell phone for music, but it can easily be used to add SiriusXM to car.

Step 1: Mount your SiriusXM satellite radio unit to your dash

Step 2: Run your wires, this time it will be one wire to the AUX input, and one to a power source (cigarette lighter.)

Step 3: Turn off the FM transmitter on your radio receiver unit.

Step 4: Program your factory stereo to use your AUX input.

Using your AUX input is more convenient and stable than using an FM transmitter, but it still requires wires and a dash unit that takes up space.

Method Three: Using a VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter Kit to Add SiriusXM to Your Car

A VAIS satellite radio kit is designed to be easily integrated into your current factory radio, using a USB port, or installed behind the dash.

Step 1: Mount the VAIS satellite radio adapter behind your dash in an open area.

Step 2: Wire your adapter into your factory stereo; the kit you order comes with instructions specific to the model of vehicle you specified.

Step 3: Once plugged in you can use your factory radios presets to dial in specific stations and you’re ready to go.

The huge benefits to using a VIAS satellite radio adapter kit to add SiriusXM to car include the fact that it is plug and play, it leaves no visible dash board or wire clutter, it has no audio degradation, and it can allow you to use your built-in steering wheel audio controls to control it.

The final step for all methods is to activate your SiriusXM subscription account and be ready to be entertained with countless hours of music and talk radio.

If you are interested in a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit, check out the online store today to add SiriusXM to your car.

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