Vehicle Security Systems – A Buying Guide

Vehicle security systems are a popular and important after-market upgrade. Even if a vehicle comes with a factory-installed alarm, it is usually not very effective. Aftermarket vehicle locking system, proximity control and audible alarms are important additions that can enhance the safety of any car. Whether you are in charge of a company fleet, have a classic car, or drive your family minivan, you need the increased security and peace-of-mind that a vehicle security system can provide.

What to Look for in a Vehicle Locking System

There are a few different vehicle locking systems on the market. Keep in mind a few tips before choosing the best one for your vehicle:

Vehicle Locking System

1) What type of vehicle do you need a security system for?

Not all vehicle locking systems work for every vehicle. Make sure the one you choose is compatible with your make and model. It can be especially tricky to find a good security system for classic or older vehicles. Some speciality systems even work with custom vehicles, first responder’s vehicles, and RVs.

2) Do you need to secure a fleet of vehicles?

Some vehicle locking systems work better than others when it comes to fleet vehicles. Find a well-integrated system that will simplify fleet management.

3) Is the system customizable?

The best vehicle security systems can be customized to add additional features. You need the basic alarm triggers that most systems offer, but also look for systems that offer enhanced safety features like proximity control, keyless entry, and automatic locking.

4) Does it have additional features?

In order to get the most out of your vehicle security system, it should include additional safety features like lighting up the vehicle at night and a warning alarm when someone is too close to your locked vehicle.

Choosing the Best Overall Vehicle Security System

Before making any decision about a vehicle security system, you need to check out SEER by Vais Technology. This innovative system was made with the consumer in mind every step of the way. SEER stands for Smart Entry Exit Recognition, but that is only just a fraction of what the system can do.

The SEER system uses cutting-edge technology to provide proximity keyless entry, locking, and automatic alarm arming. The driver keeps a small dongle on the keychain and the system detects when the driver is close by. The system can be customized to trigger up to 10 additional functions like sidestep running boards, puddle lights, dome lights, fold or unfold sideview mirrors, and bed lights. It can also be customized for ignition-controlled door locks.

When the SEER system is armed, a warn-away alarm is triggered when someone is too close to the vehicle and the full alarm triggers when the door is opened (even if it is unlocked) without the security dongle present. It also detects when you are in in close proximity and turns on the lights and unlocks the doors for optimal safety.

Vais Technology is a high-level tech company that specializes in aftermarket vehicle upgrades like their vehicle locking system, SiriusXM satellite radio adapter kits, and Bluetooth radio enhancement.

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