What Car Models Offer Walk-Away Locks?

You’ve got a lot on your mind: your days are busy, you’ve got errands to run, kids to drop off at school, and you’ve got to get to work on time. All the while you have to think about what you’re making for dinner tonight that will still leave you time to help the kids with homework and maybe spend half an hour with your spouse before bed. Your car security lock is likely one of the last things on your mind.

But having the right lock can actually help

Have you ever found yourself on autopilot in the mornings, your mind just totally elsewhere? You’re running over the list of things in your head you need to do at work, school, or home, and you kind of come back to reality at your desk at work? Did you lock your car door? Or you’re halfway through grocery shopping and find yourself wondering the same thing. You don’t want to stop what you’re doing to head out to the parking lot, but now you’re worried that something could happen to your car. You can avoid this by installing a walk-away car security lock!

Which models come with walk-away car security locks?

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, there are select models of Honda or Acura that may have this feature available. But if you already own your own vehicle, you can still find add-on kits at dealerships or mobile electronics stores. You can also order these kits online if you’re looking to install the car security lock yourself!

car security lock

What are the benefits?

Once installed, your car will have keyless locking and unlocking. No more fumbling in your pockets for your key fobs when you’re walking up to your car, and no more wondering if you remembered to lock your vehicle when you walk away. These systems work in even extreme temperatures, which can be especially helpful in colder states where you don’t want to have to struggle to remove your gloves to dig out and press buttons on your keychain. You can also set up the system with two keytags so both you and your spouse can carry one!

Car security locks like this can be useful for much more than just your personal daily driver vehicles as well. Automatic locking systems can be very effective at protecting your restored classic car that you brought out to a show or took out for a quick cruise. Or your RV! Whether you’ve got it in winter storage somewhere off-site, or if you’re on a trip with the family and went for a hike and didn’t want to carry a bulky key fob in your pocket (the key tags are only a 1.5” wide tag!) a walk-away lock can help. Fleet delivery vehicles make tons of stops and leave their vehicles unattended a hundred times per day. First responder vehicles are often arriving at a scene where seconds count, and not worrying about a locked or unlocked door could be invaluable to their performance.

So in answer to the question in the title?

Almost any car model can be outfitted with a walk-away lock system! Though the many different applications are varied, ultimately, what you gain through a car security lock system like this is peace of mind, and it’s tough to really quantify the value that this can bring to your day. Contact us to know more information.

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