Why VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter Kits?

A VAIS satellite radio adapter is the best way to add SiriusXM® to your vehicle:

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  • Our adapters work with your factory stereo
  • Our adapters let you control your satellite radio with all your existing controls
  • Our adapters show channel information right on the factory screen/display
  • Our adapters are out of sight – no brackets, no mounts, no wires going everywhere…no clutter

With a VAIS Technology satellite radio adapter, you can add SiriusXM® to your vehicle without all the clutter. Shop now or learn more below.

VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter Kit Installed

Add satellite to your existing factory radio without all the wires and boxes

You deserve a clean dashboard

A lot of people think they have to mount a tuner on their dash and run a bunch of wires to add satellite radio to their car. Not true!

With a VAIS adapter, you add satellite radio to your factory stereo system without the clutter. It mounts out of site and works just like it was installed at the factory.

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Our products adapt so you don’t have to

Add satellite radio to factory stereo

Get the ‘factory’ satellite experience with a VAIS adapter kit

VAIS Technology satellite radio adapters work with your factory radio. This means you do not need an external “box” to control satellite radio – you just use the factory radio controls (including steering wheel controls).

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You care about sound quality

Sound Quality

Maximum satellite sound quality

VAIS Technology satellite radio adapter kits do not require an FM modulator. This is good. FM transmitters can significantly degrade the quality of your satellite radio signal.

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You don’t have to get rid of a perfectly good stereo

Factory warranty

Add satellite, keep your factory stereo

Adding satellite radio to your vehicle doesn’t mean you have to throw away your factory stereo!

A VAIS adapter adds satellite radio to your factory stereo, which means your factory warranty is intact. And VAIS adapters come with their own warranty too.

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