How Does SEER Work?

We’re excited to announce that we came out with a cutting-edge system that adds some great features to your car. The system is called SEER. It stands for Smart Entry Exit Recognition.

What Is SEER?


SEER is an innovative system that includes:

  • An electronic controller
  • 2 key tags for your keychains

With SEER installed on your vehicle, you’ll get to enjoy convenient automation. Your vehicle will detect your proximity and:

  • Lock the doors when you walk away
  • Unlock the doors when you approach the vehicle
  • Keep the lights on as you leave, and turn them off once you leave the vicinity. It can activate:
    • Headlights
    • Dome lights
    • Puddle lights
  • Turn the lights on when you approach the vehicle
  • Control any electronic accessory

You can also customize and program SEER to trigger other vehicle features. SEER is a great solution for pretty much any vehicle, including:

  • Daily drivers
  • Custom trucks
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Classic cars
  • Off-road vehicles
  • First responder vehicles
  • More

SEER Vs. Keyless Entry Kits

Keyless entry

SEER is not a keyless entry kit. It’s so much more than that. You could say that SEER is a “next generation” keyless entry system. SEER has more capabilities than a standard keyless entry system, thus making it more advanced. It’s also customizable. Here are a few ways SEER is different from a keyless entry kit:

  • SEER can integrate with more than just your locks. It can manage the lights, for example.
  • SEER is easier to use than a standard keyless entry kit. You don’t have to press any buttons with SEER.
  • You can customize SEER to have more automatic features with our online portal. For example, you can program SEER to act as a car alarm, too. SEER works with factory and aftermarket electronic components. You can even program SEER to trigger some features in any order and duration.

The Benefits Of SEER

Having SEER installed in your vehicle produces a variety of benefits. The biggest benefits are:

  • Security: With SEER locking/unlocking your car and keeping the lights on until you leave, you and your vehicle are more secure. SEER takes security precautions, so you don’t have to. For example, SEER will help protect:
    • Merchandise in fleet vehicles
    • Supplies in first responder vehicles
    • Anything inside classic and lower trim vehicles
  • Convenience: You don’t need to press any buttons for SEER to work. It’s all automatic.
  • Peace of mind: SEER automates certain tasks in your car for you. That means you’ll have the peace of mind that your car is always locked and secure when you’re away.

To sum it up, SEER makes your life easier. No other system offers the same level of capability and total customization.

How Does SEER Work?

Seer works

SEER comes with:

  • 2 battery-operated key tags
  • High quality hardware to install in your vehicle

SEER includes its own SEER Control Unit (SCU). The SCU connects to the vehicle’s wiring. When you have a key tag with you, SEER keeps track of your proximity to the vehicle. When it detects that you’re within a specified range of the vehicle, it triggers the SCU (SEER Control Unit) to kick a series of events into motion. Such events may include:

  • Unlocking the vehicle
  • Turning the lights on
  • Adjusting the mirrors

The same goes for when SEER detects that you’ve left the range. It “shuts down” and secures the vehicle. For example:

  • Locking the vehicle
  • Turning the lights off
  • Folding the mirrors
  • Locking storage boxes and compartments

SEER can also detect other things. For example, with an optional rain sensor, it can detect moisture. So if you have a convertible, SEER can close the top if the rain sensor detects moisture.

Installation is pretty easy and straightforward for any of our qualified dealers. We recommend leaving the job to a qualified mobile electronics technician.

SEER Is A Very Secure System

In case you are concerned about security, you should know that SEER has a higher security protocol than regular factory keys. That means it’s nearly impossible to break SEER security.

Hackers use techniques called relay attack and replay attack to commit car and cargo theft. OEM companies don’t program their factory keys to prevent these attacks. SEER uses an advanced encryption technology that is secured against both relay and replay exploits. This makes SEER much safer and more sophisticated than most systems.

Do you have any questions about SEER? You’re welcome to contact us!

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